HELP! My Clothes Dryer Won’t Start! How To Replace A Dryer Door Switch

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So you’ve set your dryer to the appropriate setting. Press the start button and nothing is happening. I’ve repaired many dryers in the past and the vast majo…

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Dominic Bender says:

Our dryer has a switch that sits inside the latch, but I guess the basics
will be the same. I wonder whether this still holds true for the more
“modern” dryers stuffed with electronics, programs and such. More
components, more sources for trouble. Thanks for sharing!

Stephen Tack says:

Good info…but for heaven sake, CHECK THE BREAKER FIRST!
My dryer (a Whirlpool clone like this) stopped starting, I found the 220V
“Dryer” breaker was half (only one side) tripped. After cycling it all the
way off and on the dryer started fine. A few months later this happened
again. Then the very next day, and it wouldn’t reset any longer. I ended
up having to replace the (very) old breaker, and haven’t had any trouble

Steve McEntyre says:

One common thing that fails with electric dryers is the thermal fuse. This
is the non resettable temperature switch next to the heaters. These will
usually run about $20 to $40 depending on who made the machine. The one I
had was a Sears Kenmore which I think was made by Whirlpool. The whole
thing was caused by an excess dust problem in the air blowing past the
heaters. Potential fire hazard so the thermal fuse tripped.
Pretty much had to disassemble the machine to get at the heater duct.
While I was at I replaced a few belts and bearings and gave the machine a
thorough de dusting as well as installing a new exhaust duct to the outside
world. Works fine. The dryer is now 25 years old and still going strong.
The symptom for this malady is the dryer runs but the heater does not work
and the clothes stay wet. 

Jen Evers says:

EXCELLENT!! So glad you are doing this channel.. I love it and am going to
use it to save money! Thank you so much for doing your videos! xoxo Jen 

Adirondack Woodsman says:

Nice, clear, and concise. Keep them coming!

rochat says:

Good info. You should also do a video on the washer switch with either
replacing or bypassing.

My washer switch went within this last week and as a result, was blowing
the washer fuse. Since it is an old and pretty much worthless model, I
wasn’t going to order a $30+ switch for it. Instead, I bypassed the switch
and everything works again. If I had a newer model, I’d replace the switch,
but I don’t think its worth it in this case when as far as I know, the
motor could go next week.

Now, bypassing switches means you have to use your head and not be a dummy.
If you are the type of person who would stick your hand in a moving washer,
forget bypassing and just replace the switch. The switch is only there to
protect those people from themselves. 

Sparky Projects says:

First thing to do is unplug, not just because of getting a shock or
shorting something, but also getting caught in moving parts ;)

whitewolf8758 says:

Also if you have the time to wait you can use the part number online to
order parts for way less than at a local appliance store. I have also used
ebay for parts also like my ice maker went out and the store would sell me
the unit for $120.00 and i got the identical part for $30.00 with free
shipping. So do your research before spending excessive amounts of money
you dont need to!

Richard McIntosh says:

I worked for several years repairing gas appliances. When I found out I
was working on a Whirlpool or its cousin I knew I was in for a easy repair.
Except for the power thing, great video.

Maxwell Goodacre says:

I have not learned much on these new video series, but I could have used
this information years ago. Thank you. I know I’m going to be a loyal
subscriber. Thanks again. I look forward to your future videos.

Joshua Luther says:

Great video! And for heavens sake, people. Unplugging any appliance before
doing any repairs on it should be common sense. Enough with it already,
Safety Sally!

Huhuy2000 says:

better to install koncevik. it runs forever

Ticky66MN says:

The repair looked very simple but it may be helpful to provide suggestions
on sourcing the parts needed for this or future videos. Thanks Jay!

Eric Wright says:

Thanks for the video. I have found that Bill Newberry’s channel is very
helpful in diagnosing and repairing my household appliances. He hasn’t
posted anything new for a while but his old vids are full of great info!

David Hibbitts says:

Can’t believe you started this video without the warning to DISCONNECT ALL
POWER or UNPLUG THE DRYER. Could get someone electrocuted. You should
include a disclaimer to keep your self safe from liability.

Michael Baker says:

+Home & Garden for Mere Mortals Jay and Steve, here are a few helpful
electrical household maintenance ideas for you: replacing a circuit
breaker, replacing a florescent ballast (or upgrading to an electronic
ballast, useful for a lot of garage lighting), installing a ceiling fan or
light fixture, testing and replacing a water heater or clothes drier
element and maybe installing a motion detecting security light in the back
yard. There are tons of others. A lot of homeowners spend big bucks on
these types of projects or repairs because they don’t understand how
incredibly simple they can be. Great channel and I am excited to see you
two collaborating. 

scrubby4130 says:

Did it on my Kenmore, super similar process. Almost identical. :)

paisteboy says:

nice job. Love the shirt.

Kenny Boothe says:

Great advice Jay. On a similar note, we found that our dryer exhaust line
was pretty badly clogged in our 12 year old house. It runs through the
floor under a closet for about 12 feet. I know it’s 12 feet because you can
get a clean out brush with 12 feet of extensions from the big box stores
for about $30. The extensions are attached to a drill on one end and a four
inch brush on the other end. We got almost a five gallon bucket of lint out
of our line and the dryer suddenly started drying like a new one – the
towels dry in ONE cycle now. I think we saved the cost of the gadget in
electricity in the first three months after we cleaned it. Here’s a link to
the gadget. or you could
see if Izzy Swan would build one – he likes drill driven gadgets.

Andy Collier says:

Vacuum out all the lint while you have the top off as well!

Jan Hernekoski says:

I would whine and complain a lot.

Jake Abel says:

This reminds me I’m need to clean out my Dryer Vent today.

markblue777 says:

I had to replace the capacitor in our tumble dryer before. The part cost
£3.50 and allowed the machine to run for a further 8 months before it
totally gave up the ghost.

Quite a bit more of a fiddly job as I had to remove the drum to get the the
capacitor (located near the motor) The tumble dryer I done this on was a
candy (hoover is similar to this make)

Anthony Thibodeau says:

This solution also work on old school top door washing machine. It
happened to me and the problem was the door switch. I repaired it and gave
it a new life. I also had a tought about how many washing machines were
trashed because of this easy to solve problem…

Will Ford says:

Un-plug the appliance FIRST!

Jason Good says:

I have a similar Kenmore set (sears version of Whirlpool) and last week
replaced the door switch on my washer pretty much the same process.
Probably took 20 Min total. I’ve also had to replace the Dogs in the
Washing machine and in the dryer (forgot what it is called) the part that
allows the gas to keep flowing once it has heated up. Thermostat maybe? and
the drum rollers. All really easy probably saved myself hundreds.

ezra zephyr says:

great video! i have two bits to add though. first off anytime i work on
anything with power involved i like to make sure that i disconnect the item
from its power source just to be one the super safe side. the last time i
opened my dryer up i figured it would be a great time to bust the shop vac
out and clean all of the lint that had built up inside the dryer housing.
super excited about the new channel, keep it up dudes!

Katie B says:

Good video but I have some questions. Should you check the breaker first?
Shouldn’t you unplug the dryer before you start? While the top is open,
shouldn’t you clean out all the lint?

I’d love to see a video on how the clean the dryer exhaust hose. Thanks.

Chad D says:

First, disconnect power. You forgot to mention that. Also, it might be a
good tip to vacuum out all the debris that clutters in there from years of
use, since you’re already in there.

Nic Vazelakis says:

Nice, great video. I’ve got a similar dryer, doesn’t seem to be very
effective anymore, cleaned the lint screen and the area which the lint
screen is located in. Any other suggestions? 

Jason Gossett says:

Another common part to go on a dryer is one of the two (redundant) thermal

I changed those on a Maytag.

Much trickier but saved me a ton of money not paying a repair tech.

Never replace just one of these!!! ALWAYS do both if you have this issue!!!

Jeff Makes Stuff says:

I fixed my dryer a while back. It would start for about a minute, then
shut off. It turned out that the motor was overheating. It was a simple
replacement. Let me know if a video would be helpful. 

xnamkcor X says:

Got a 100-200 USD microwave that “didn’t work” for about 15-30 USD and all
it needed was a new door switch. That I know of. If I get cancer I’ll know.

Jesse Hires says:

Almost exactly the same procedure for a washing machine that won’t spin.

Joe Bitter says:

nice tip. do you know anything about phone lines because centurylink

Sharon Williams says:

Can you put CC on it like you did the woodworking site?

Steve Brown says:

Great site! Thank you for starting it.

Brandon Peters says:

I’ve had to replace the thermostat fuse to fix my parents dryer before. 

cjorg16 says:

Step 1, is it plugged into the power outlet, and is the breaker on?

dericcornflakes says:

So where can someone go about getting parts like this? 

Home & Garden for Mere Mortals says:

Dryer won’t start? Don’t worry, there’s a good possibility it’s a simple
repair you can make yourself.

dennis medeiros says:

good site. this will be of use to a lot of people.

Celestyal22 says:

Can I just say, I love your shirt.

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