GRWM: Television Appearance

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Dress I’m Wearing: ♥ Products I Used! ♥ – Revlon Photoready Primer – Revlon Photoready foundation 004 Nude – Revlon Colorstay Aqua Powder – Brow Tutorial/Products:…


PiinkSparkles says:

All of you made this possible for me, and I am so truly appreciative! THANK
YOU from my heart!!! LOVE YOU CUTIES!

maria melly says:

ur not even that big on youtube LMAO

Lucifer Smith says:

could of washed your hair for the ”TELEVISION APPEARANCE” broadcasted all
over the world, wait? it was only ur hick town that had nothing else to
report on?/?/?//?? surprised tbh

DiamondXforever says:

It’s so funny how she got to be tv when her editing sucks lighting sucks
quality sucks music sucks and she’s fake as fuck thumbs up guys

Kim Tran says:

Lol did that interviewer guy walk away with shit stains on his pants from
that couch?

Alli Smith says:

With the money that they gave you to do this interview you could get some
lights or a good camera. So that when you’ll film these kind of video in
the future we’ll be actually able to see the makeup because here your light
sucks you can’t even see the makeup

Nicoletta xo says:

Awww I am so proud of you SAM!
you have come such a long way it is amazing seeing other beauty gurus
succeeding 🙂

DiamondXforever says:


Anna Renolds says:

Dang it Dang it Dang it Dang it YEA Dang it Dang it Dang it Dang it I wanna
make you cum. 

Bliz559 says:

What’s the point in doing make up tutorials or grwm videos if ur lighting
sucks! We can’t even see how ur makeup came out kuz the lighting is

Julia Crouch says:

probably should’ve used some dry shampoo girl

Macaroons says:

A hello kitty necklace? Really?!! No hate but you’re on TV! It’s kinda
weird for a 25 year old women to wear a hello kitty necklace on TV. I know
she likes Hello kitty which is totally fine! But it’s kinda silly for a
women to wear a HK necklace on TV!! I AM NOT HATING BTW.
Loved your makeup btw

xobaileeox says:

Awh I really hate when people get all boasty, it cuts down on my likleyness
of them, sorry but you dont really have “so many subscibers” girl… And
Stoon news really isnt that big ofa deal, my best friend and her whole
family were on the news a couple Weeks ago fora refinery explosion, grampa
was on a bit ago fora house blowing up at a beach, and even my drug addicts
friends were babbling on the news a couple years ago(not friends anymore)
just for busking downtown… Lolo. I unno Saskatchewan news really isnt a
dress fancy shmancy hype, woulda been super kool if it was some Hollywood
shit but still congrats C:

Monica Slaughter says:

I had to mute the video….. that song was so annoying. Congrats though
Sam! You deserve it!

Anastacia9573 says:

Just get some lighting ughhh

Crystal Moreno says:

People stop hating so much. She was excited for this TV experience and all
you guys are doing is posting negative comments. The lighting is fine, the
music is fine. You guys want different music she gave you different music,
you guys hate it. I don’t understand all of this hate for Sam. Sam don’t
let these people get you down and you keep doing what you are doing.
Congrats! on the TV interview super awesome <3.

mycookie54321 says:

Please invest in good lighting! But I still enjoy watching your videos

Lexy Mart says:

So proud of you! cant wait to see it!

Hannah Billingsly says:

I really don’t understand why almost every comment on this video is so
negative?! Sam was obviously really excited to do this TV interview and
just because she said “I have so many subscribers” people are freaking out?
She was THANKING everyone for being there for her. I mean 376,000
subscribers is a lot for someone that makes videos on the Internet… Most
of the people making these commenters don’t even make YouTube videos so I
got get why it matters. Petty shit people.

J. Tolson says:

That’s a great look on you! I loved that matte lip look!

Rev.Michelle Jones-Holmden says:

yeaaaa! Good for you girl! you ate a true beauty because you ate Beautiful
on the inside to! so carding and genuine and it overflows to the outside!

kylie i says:

those piercings really give you a trashy look, how do you expect to be
taken seriously when you have so many on your face? I like the septum but
at least get a cute, unique piece of jewelry for it like those on etsy
instead of keeping the basic steel jewelry in.

BeautyBear77 says:

stop hating on sam! omg! sam, this video was great and I’m so proud of you

sarah Marie says:

Great that you got the chance to do this ! But you honestly need to invest
in better lighting It won’t hurt your channel it will just make your makeup
hair outfits Pop out more !(Just a thought don’t go crazy “cuties”

Victoria Rose says:

I loved watching you curl your hair, it was so soothing/hypnotizing hahaha

MsAubs29 says:

You looked gorgeous in this video!! I feel like I say that in the comments
of a lot of your videos… But I like the simple makeup and the dress is
classy and fun :)

fuzzy sheep says:

Can you do an i phone collection plzzzz

Terro Storm says:

Wait people still watch tv? I just stream everything so does my family
i didn’t know being on tv was such a big thing. I’ve been in tv afew times
before it was kinda boring 

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