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Build big ripped biceps by training like this… If you want to get big biceps you’ll definitely have to do plenty of bicep curls. As a matter of…


ATHLEAN-X™ says:

If you want to get big biceps you’re going to have to learn to love the
curl! But I can tell you this…you’ll get a LOT more out of the exercise
if you make these 5 fast fixes.

#biceps #bigarms #bigbiceps #workout #beastmode

sebas osorio says:

Excellent vid bro, i’d like to see an forearm workout.. U got those
missives too. 

Rob Cornwall says:

Jeff’s biceps are sick

BadChimp says:

Great video. Cheers jeff, good helpful tips

Magnus Theli says:

Do a video on how to get rid off the fat in the triceps

DreamersTube says:

I swear dude, during the whole video I did not ever look in your face , my
eyes are stick to your guns all the time lol 😀 Greetings from Germany and
keep up the great work here on YouTube ;D

Ima WreckU says:


Anne Frank says:

Excellent video, best channel on youtube.

Rob Winn Anderson says:

Alan mentioned below about different size biceps. I have noticeable size
difference between my right and left (right actually smaller although it’s
my dominant). I would love to see a video talking about muscle imbalance
and how to work to correct it. Thanks!

Andy Lange says:

Jeff, could you do a video on what optimal training frequency for different
muscle groups (or what you recommend as a training split)?

YouNoob says:

I start with a barbell when I do bicep workout, and when I go into my final
sets (which is dumbbell curls) I can NOT go heavy coz my bies are
exhausted! but I still do curns lighter and I DON’T GIVE A F*CK what people
think if I lift light. Can’t wait till I try a cleaner form my next bicep
workout! Thanks Jeff

tobes97 says:

I just do chin ups for biceps. Is this ineffective or should I continue? 

HF TL says:

Maybe you can do one for Triceps?!?!

Payne M says:

Even if I know most of the material in his videos, it is very nice to hear
him explain everything thoroughly. I always learn something.

Koji Ghafoor says:

Excellent video as usual Jeff thanks, I tell you one thing that makes my
biceps pop is one arm Pullups not only at in the benefits of building the
lads and the front belts and that entire side of your body and core
strength it makes your arms explode to just a tip for anyone wanting to get
stronger on the biceps single arm Rose and making that on explode with
strength and size to

superscorpionking90 says:

Jeff Cavalier – The undisputed greatest biceps I’ve ever seen. Best biceps
on youtube hands down, and I’m pretty sure, the galaxy!

Justin Green says:

Jeff, I’m currently training to do a Super Spartan Race in Asheville NC
this August. Any ideas for certain exercises I should do? Specially for
wall climbs and rope climbs?

Swabby Jam says:

Great tips

Onur Aydogan says:

Hi everybody I’ve started lifting weights about two weeks ago I’ve been
hitting the gym 3-4 times a week and I was wondering what is the most
effective way of weight lifting? And do I have to tence the part of my body
that I’m working on? (For example doing curls like Jeff do I have to
tence/contract my biseps?) Thank you 

HMTraining says:

I want big broceps

JCGrantatAC says:

“Nut up.”

Leon Kennedy says:

“What are the ramifications here if we go to eccentric failure on a bicep

*Goes to Gym with sandals and curls 40 kg dumbbells*
*Drops weights on both feet*

…thanks Jeff.

Liahnnah says:

Nice biceps. Thanks for another great video!!

Alan Lithgow says:

Both my biceps are different sizes should I single my smaller bicep out and
do more sets/reps ?

ETM215 says:

Great points Jeff. How about those triceps?

tpespos says:

… What about dropping the Dumbbells on your feet 

Patrick Zdanek says:

Hey Jeff, thanks for another great video. I was going to buy you’re program
but I recently injured my shoulder very bad and think I have a slight tear
of my rotator cuff. Can you please make a video for people like me that got
hurt and are fairly limited in what the workouts they can do? A lot of
workouts I have tried, I have too much pain and just don’t want to injure
myself worse but still want too be able to work out. Thanks and hope too
hear from you!

Mashfiq Dewan || Behry says:

how to get defined arms?

alex cross says:

Thanks Jeff. Going to use these tips on Monday.

Un1versal Truth says:

Great video jeff keep them coming

enditend 2 says:

doing this and still no use..

Leo Cortes says:

looks like you’re flexing even when you’re in relaxed form. That’s how cut
you are! Amazing

Philip Dearso says:

Great Video Jeff!

Maybe you can do a series like this on every muscle group? I have been
using AX-1; AX-2 and NXT Special Tactix, but I still learn a lot from your

This is the first time I have learned about these minor fixes to make a big
difference, and I am sure I am still making little mistakes on every muscle

To that end, a series hitting all the muscle groups in this fashion would
be awesome.

Ati2de says:

Awesome! BTW, how sore should you be and how long should the soreness last
after a workout?

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