Fixing A Car Air Conditioner That Blows Hot Air

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Scotty Kilmer, mechanic for the last 46 years, shows how you can fix your own car’s air conditioner when it only blows hot air. And, If you like my car help,…


S Prado says:

My car blows hot air would you suggest I just go to a shop? This seems hard
to do buy yourself

Scotty Kilmer says:

Fixing A Car Air Conditioner That Blows Hot Air

MPetrozzaIsGod says:

I have been watching all of your videos whether I need them at the present
time or not. Knowledge is power, right? As of now, I am currently DRIVING
and restoring a 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4X4 and my newest project, a 2001
VW Beetle. Both are running so my problems are not pressing issues at this
time but I appreciate your videos mostly because you seem like a dork (like
me) and your “easy fixes” have already saved me time and money. Thanks for
all of your time. Good luck.

Numerius says:

Hey Scotty. I have a land rover discovery 2 se, it’s 2001 and got a
radiator replaced. Just recently I noticed my a/c vents blow hot air when
the a/c is off. It’s constant and it happens when the car is running on the
move. Stops when car is parked. Does this compromise mpg? And also what
could it be? ? I rAther ask and search then go to a mech. I’m a student
money is hot thank you man. Have a good one

HeroDanny says:

“Not that expensive, only $50”
I could get a shop to fix the A/C for about that price..

Terry Merissaint says:

3:30 …Went too far? lol

EuRevTV says:

Freaken kick-butt music

Cyril Buss says:

This guy is cool.

soundwavs1961c says:

Hi Scotty.. Does running the a/c put strain in a cars engine? Especially on
older car? My Neon is 1995 almost at 100K . I”m getting by without the
a/c but if it does make the engine work harder I’d rather not get it fixed.

Orlando Williams says:

Hey Scotty I have a 03 mountaineer that the ac blows hot air in the front
but the rear air blows ice cold any idea what could cause this?

dmana3172 says:

Hi Scott, thank you so much for the video. I would like to save money and
fix the a/c in my vehicle. It’s not blowing ice cold. Yes, it is blowing
cool and if you feel it, you may tell me that it take more time for it to
get very cold, but it doesn’t blow cold ice at all. I have Hyundai Elantra
2002 and my brother is 2001 of the same model. My brother is colder than
mine. Both were charged at about 45 psi. When I turn on the compressor, it
sound noises and you can hear it outside when it come on. Can you tell if
it a sign of a worn out compressor, or maybe the evaporate or condenser?
It’s not low on refrigerant.

SolbiatoNig says:

Hey Scotty I have a 89 grand marquis LS. In the summer time my a/c gets
cool when I first start driving but eventually it gets warm as im drivinv
and vice versa in the winter and it really changes when I’m really going
fast. Any suggestions on what needs to be changed?

Btown_Snoopy says:

do i have to vacuum the moisture before installing ?. I’m considering on
buying one of those kits from Canadian tire 

Antonio Jimenez says:

Hi my ñame is Antonio and i over charge my ac on my car how can u release
some of freon thanks


Thank you Good job

generalmotorssaturn says:

Dear Mr. Kilmer
quick Question. I have a 2000 Plymouth Neon with no AC I hooked up a
manifold gauge, and sure enough no pressure. I have taken a certified class
in AC, and know that your suppose to evacuate the system to remove any
moisture from the system, to prevent desiccant breakdown. However a vacuum
pump is a little pricey. But it is a necessary step. Any advise on where to
get an affordable vacuum pump? I dont want to take the chance of having the
desiccant break down

Thanks, Andy 

Cayly Landrian says:

i have a 99 grand prix. One side blows cold the other blows hot and there
is no leak. What could it be and how do i fix it?! thanks a million!

Paul Young says:

hi scotty I have a 1997 Honda accord an my horn stopped working
could you make a video on how to fix it plz

Shawn Moore says:

i have a f150 lariat that a/c was working then it just started blowing hot
air, yes it has Freon on it but my friend told me it might be the blend
door,when i hit the bottom of the cover it sometimes work then go right
back hot no matter how low i set the temp…….help!!!!!!!!!! 

Orlando Gonzalez says:

I have a 2001 chevy silverado 1500 my ac wont work during the day the temp
outside is usually 100f and at night around sunset my ac works perfectly
any help would be appreciated

wealthy king says:

I have a 2005 subaru baja, new a/c compressor, but i am losing compression
within 2 days of filling up the system. i hear a hissing noise up under the
dash, on the passenger side of the vehicle interior. any idea how i can
find the leak without ripping the whole dash out? or what parts to look for
when i do rip the dash out?

Danielle Jones says:

Help 2002 blows hot air and tried putting refrigerant in but
nothing changed. Help long road trip to Florida

G Liu says:

Hello Scotty, do you know about “Rock hole in the condenser” theory by the
HXXXX? My car’s AC does not work at about only 4k miles, the dealer told me
maybe a hold hitted by a rock cause the problem it’s out of warrenty and
may cause about 1k bucks, and a lot of HXXXX users have this problem.
What’s you idea about it? Thanks

Louis Ferrino says:

Hey Scotty, Problem is A/C stays on heat. Compressor is good, evap good.
blender/ mode actuators changed. Manually checked blender doors they are
good as well. All Fuses are checked and good. I’m thinking BCM….Not
sure how to diagnose it. Mega dollars to change.
What are your thoughts?

efraim m says:

Hey Scotty,

I own a nissan sentra 93(b13) model, When i’m idle and in a hot day it only
blows warm air. I have recharged my freon, checked leaks, have my
evaporator cleaned and dryer filter replaced. My question is, why does the
ac only gets cold when i’m running at night?

Thank you,

sabith pv says:

Hi greeting. I’ve Toyota Tercel 1998 car’s Air conditioner is getting cool
and often its cut off and normal air while Driving and after minutes
later Air conditioner will get cool again. could you help to fix issue 

knightky007 says:

Hi Scotty, I have a Camry 2000. The air conditioning fan is on all the time
even though it is off. AC works fine though. Any idea? thanks

ddemier says:

I have a 2004 Saturn Ion 2.2 motor with 189,000 miles. Ive had the car for
a couple years and the ac never has worked. The system has refrigerant,
however I noticed the cooling fan would never kick on, so I tried swapping
the same relays around. I took the cooling fan off and hooked up direct 12v
and sure enough it did not work. I replaced the fan but still no cold ac.
When I turn ac on I do not hear the clutch kick on or I don’t even hear the
cooling fan running? any other ideas I can try. 

Michael Straus says:

Hi Scott, I have a 2004 PT Cruiser it stopped blowing cold air so a friend
topped it up and it blew cold again for about 2 months. 1 year later I am
trying to fix it. I added refridgerant but it still doesn’t blow cold.
The low intake pipe gets cold when the a/c is turned on but after a few
minutes it starts to get really hot, not enough to burn but you can feel
heat (it is supposed to be cold when A/C is on). The system is was
consistently holding pressure at 35psi then when I added refridgerant it is
at 50 psi and I think I need to remove some refridgerant. So bottom line
is I can hear compressor so I think it works, system holds at 35-50 psi so
I don’t think it is leaking, but it still does not blow cold air. Do you
know what could be wrong based on what I told you? Please get back to me
asap! Thanks a lot!

rosscam114 says:

Hey Scotty I have a 1998 ford windstar that blows cold air but after
driving it for about 30 minutes or a few hours it will blow hot air. Do you
have any idea what it could be? it has refrigirent and gets as low as 35
degrees. Thanks

Shane Stansberry says:

I changed my a/c pump now my radiator fan wont work i dont see why it
worked before i changed the pump 

dmana3172 says:

Thank you so much for your fast response. I have one more question to ask
if you don’t mind.. I have a grand caravan 2002 by dodge and when I turned
on the AC mode, the air compressor doesn’t sound or kick in at all. Also,
the radiator fan is not running at all. I tried replacing the A/C
transducer fit and still won’t come on. I looked at the fuse in the panel
and none of them were bad. I put refrigerant in and still won’t come on at
all. There’s no leak. Can you tell what else this could be?

shakeel oniel says:

hi scott please help… ive got a vw golf 1.9tdi 2006,, regased the air con
theres no leaks compressor pullies working the air con is not blowing cold
enough?? what should be the temperature blowing out of the air air vents in
celcuis when a/c is is on??

Hardy Stan says:

My ac only blows cold air out of the passenger side, the drivers side is
blowing warm air..any quick fix for this ..pontiac G6 2006

shini gami says:

Went to a shop and got quoted for $1200 to change evaporator, receiver
drier and expansion valve. I checked online for parts and it’ll only cost
me no more than $200, now please tell me who’s asshole did they pull those
numbers from. smh…. With 1k possibly being save i can invest that to
buying my own tools, 1k is more than enough to buy yourself a decent (used)
tools you mostly see in shops, and more than enough to just DIY your cars,
family and friends. And you might even get paid just doing your hubby in
the weekend. There you go return investment!

Daniel Catanes says:

Is that a Celica XX/ Celica Supra?

dmana3172 says:

Scott, I figured out what happened. When I tested the low side PSI with the
meter, it was 55 and I figured it was too much refrigerant in the car. I
decided to let some out by using the screwdriver and push the thing inside
to get the air and refrigerant out. I kept doing it some and then when I
reconnect and check the meter again, it went down to 40 psi. Then it felt
much colder in the car. Your video on how to recharge helped me alot.

Duabo Amaye says:

I drive a 1999 Peugeot 406, my A/C cools fine but the issue is that; the
clutch on the compressor engages even when the switch is in the off
position ( the blower off)

monsta tron says:

yeahhhh, I’ll let a professional do this one for me.

Federico Contreras says:

Scotty, quick question. I have a 96 jeep cherokee XJ ac is running warm. I
had the ac serviced a year ago filled by pressure/ambient temps. However,
never felt it was ice cold. Took it in to different tech this year at 105F
ambient temp low side is 40 high side is 275. I researched this and found
an FSM on my jeep it said for ambient temps of 105F low should be 50 and
high should be 325. I informed tech and he said those pressures were to
high and if I charged it to that I would have compressor failure. My system
shows no leaks (has UV dye) evap is clean (verified by removing blower)
have dual electric fans with aluminum shroud (pullers 3000CFM). Is the tech
crazy or is the FSM crazy???

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