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You know the drill. I shop, slap some stuff on my face and tell you all what I thinks… LINKS: Blog: http://www.hello-october.com Twitter: @hello_october_ Instagram: @Hellooctoberxo Facebook:…

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Roxanne Amber says:

Naked 1 is the only Naked palette I don’t have, and the L’Oreal La Palette
Nude Beige palette looks like a great and cheaper alternative. I’m
considering just purchasing that palette now, it would save me a bit of
money lol. xx

DancingFashion says:

The concealer has been on my to buy list for ages! 

FoodishBeauty says:

I love that Maybeline concealer! You can get the shade ‘fair’ and
‘brightener’ online, they are both better than ‘light’ for fair skinned
girls 😉 So agree with you with the L’oreal brow mascara, bought it in the
hope to replace my Gimmebrow, only for it to confirm my love for Benefit
instead lol, it is not a great product, and the lighter shade is even
shimmery! Sparkly brows? Me no think so… :D

Alessia pace says:

Fan video! Definitely try another shade in maybelline drama colour as they
are amazing! I have a very dark berry shade (can’t remember name) and its
amazing xx

paigestation says:

It says on the loreal concealer that you’re supposed to use it ‘sparingly’
to give the best effect yet every youtuber I see use it just over-clicks
and uses it like an ordinary concealer and it makes me cringe to watch

Candy_63 says:

The L’Oreal eye shadow looked nice on you. I think you need to moisturize
your lips before putting the Maybelline color drama lip color. Okay, Suzie
if you were to choose between your Zoeva & Real Techniques brushes which
would you choose ? Hope you have a lovely Sunday !!!

Serafina ♡ says:

I loved watching this video! You should definitely do more drugstore first
impressions. :)

Beth Searle says:

I bought that shade in the Maybelline Colour Drama Lip Pencils, as well as
410, and 510 (darker red shades), and the darker shades are much better
than the lighter ones! I was really disappointed with ‘Minimalist’, but the
other ones are better, not quite as matte as the Nars ones though.

Shannon Rebecca says:

Your lighting is so crisp and beautiful!

GlitterLipsBeauty says:

I’ve been meaning to try that maybelinne concealer for ages! I always end
up forgetting to get it though. Looks lovely on the skin anyway

Jamie-Lee says:

The maybelline pencils are hit or miss depending on the colour. I don’t
like the consistency of minimalist. You’re better off with one of the
brighter red shades like light it up 

Szwena Belfast says:

gosh.i wish you had a close up of the wand on the brow plumper. Wanted to
see if it was as small as the benefit one

KatieDoesTheMakeupThing says:

I need to try that concealer. I don’t know what it is, every time I go to
the drugstore I pick it up and then never end up buying it. But everyone
seems to love it haha. 

Lurch Hound Loves says:

Fab to see your first impressions Suzie, I wanted to try the Maybelline lip
pencil but may not be worth it now, although the nude is probably worth
giving a try xx

BeautyClassyfied says:

What a brilliant idea – i loved this. I always struggle to find what i want
in the drugstore, videos like this definitely help! x

Let's go Shopping says:

you’re gorgeous without makeup!

reicheru says:

I’ve recently picked up creamy beige as well and adore it! Much more
affordable than the Mac paint pots and nearly just as fab!

Amber Lane says:

I would recommend the dark berry/red maybelline lip pencil, it’s lovely and
has no shimmer in it! X

lucy abigail says:

With the maybelline lip pencil you should try ‘nude perfection’ its such a
lovely shade!xx

Liesa vdw says:

My god i didnt even realize you didnt have make up on in the beginning,
you’re skin is flawlessssss!!!

mimtime says:

I love the under-eye concealer, especially for everyday…they do have a
lighter shade (pale), but it is more pink toned than the light shade

Maya Ricca-McCarthy says:

‘Keep it classy’ is a really good shade of the maybelline lip pencils xx

laura Syme says:

I love the colour drama pencil in shade keep it classy! Maybe try that one?
Loved the look of those eyeshadows! X 

Randomly Tripins says:
Zoey Olivia says:

I don’t like minimalist either! The other colours in the range are soooo
much better.

Grace Rutherfurd says:

Ahhh I need all of these things! Not good for my bank account!

Michaela Fudges says:

I love that maybelline lip thing. they are great, but I always use a lip
balm before because they glide on better and then they dry matte. my
favorite color is “minimalist”. It´s just so pretty and easy to wear, so
you should really give them a chance :D

FROM C says:

i literally have everything you bought in this video!


U looked so pretty in this u always look pretty with and without makeup on!

bxth rosee says:


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