Drawing a Golden Eagle’s Head With Watercolor Pencils

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FrayedLogic says:

He usually does new subjects each week, but the past few weeks have just
been sped up versions (set to music) of previous videos. I wonder if he’s

Phillips Thavisack says:

try and draw the mona lisa

David Dewey says:

Can you please draw a squirt next? Or something small with a tree?

ssob92 says:

Mon animal favoris j’aime les oiseaux mais les aigles sont mes préféré.

Angel Doan says:

Can you do requests?, if so can you do a Chinese dragon? Thank you~

Haru Nakami says:

Very nice! :)

RuberSocks says:

Damn, you’re too smart dude

BJ Chester says:


REALMZ says:

Talented and skilled ! 

360salma says:


Phillips Thavisack says:

u r so amazing

Angel Doan says:

So* real and

Angel Doan says:

You make it seem sore a land easy

Angel Doan says:


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