DIY Crayon Candles – Man Vs Pin – Pinterest Test #54

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Trigger Warning: Hot Wax!!! Watch Man Vs Youtube Here: Find us else where on the World Wide Webs: …

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DIY Obsession says:

it wouldn’t be a man v.s. pin unless Rob some how screws up… lol

ThreadBanger says:

Crayon Candles? This is goin to be an easy one….i think.

Justice Stewart says:

If this works ill give you 1 million bucks

Jonathan Ahdoot says:

how many tried to pause the vid at the obamanati lol

mckenzie Q says:

Under 301!

Daisy Hook says:

Two rob videos in one day?! Is this the real life

TheCanadian18 says:

Lol picture of Barack with the illuminati eye 

HeyItsKarinaaa says:

*IM about to hit 5k SUBS. HELP ME GET THERE PLZ!!*

Lan Nguyen says:

This pin will turn out better if its Woman VS Pin

LaGataRusa says:

You can do it, but you have to melt already colored wax.

Hannah Gandon says:

Try to spell “thread banger” with your eyes closed

Thread banger 

Ruby Noboa says:

Please do this glow stick ceiling fan PLEEEEAS

Yuuki Runoki says:

what every happened to man vs science

demiraichan says:

I think you needed new wicks, wicks have a thin layer of burnable wax or
some shit on it that lets it stay lit so long. Since it melted in the oven
no safety layer

✮ Illuminati ✮ says:

Thank you! Eye appreciate. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

tom wang says:

Love the little animated intros!

Ella Chapman says:

Lol! You can see the pillow face in the background! :)

Aprenda com Edu says:

Muito difícil fazer essas Ideias do pinterest, muito das vezes da errado,
mais vale a pena6 tentar. 

kalin rose says:

I accidentally paused the video on the obamanati thing

Yet2BeDetermined says:

I actually love you guys so much.

Erick Romero says:

Man vs Tumblr

Cress Alvein says:

Feels like this channel slowly transformed into a serie someone faking
injuries and failiure.

Just my opinion.

Skeptical Lemon says:

I might die if they ever quit youtube threadbanger, Rob and Corinne make an
awesome team

Eilish Kavanagh says:

Try this I’ll be surprised if it works

Lucy Garcia says:

On my birthday as well! This day couldn’t get any better!

Brianna Patterson says:

He is just freakn explicit in all ways

shahed judeh says:

I’ve never laughed at a diy so much

Madeline Menke says:

It’s the wicks. You want them to be thicker if that makes sense. I make
these :)

stephanie bishop says:

Glow eggs do them please I’ve been asking forever

Mishayla Altamirano says:

уσυ ѕнσυℓ∂ тяу ¢яуѕтαℓ єgg gєσ∂єѕ.

ben head says:

Food dye instead of crayons

UkeleleCowboy says:

I did this 20+ years ago in kindergarten…

Vriska Makara says:

Wait what?!?!?!? This one works tho… I see a video of someone doing

Leslie Castillo says: try this pin it is really
cool candle with flowers 

Macey Payne says:

I watched somebody do this and they used an eraser to tilt it am used
bigger candles

skykitty1000 says:

you know you dont have to put it in an oven, the microwave is fine for a
few mins and dixie cups would help a lot and it would have gone better if
you used waxes that werent already processed

macmaniac0721 says:

By working for 3 years at a candle store, wick quality, placement, and
condition is crucial for a candle to burn. You have to have a good quality
wick, center the wick, and make sure no wax is on the wick!

Rockmonstergirl says:

This is the most times you’ve messed up in a video

Sky C says:

I was just waiting for Rob to burn himself

Brianna izeta morales says:

Do the gummy bear Popsicles…..PLZ

Monica Tuscano says:

Ice candles?

Julia Papini says:

How can he mess up something that works I know I have tried it it works

darkforestpyxi says:

sweet. illuminati.

jamielschultz says:

The fact you used an exacto knife without cutting yourself shows us all
that the Illuminati has already gotten to you- the YouTuber formally known
as Rob of ThreadBanger. 

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