Chocolate Whoopie Pies Recipe – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 873

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Nadoosha Fadel says:

Umm red velvet whoopie pies? Don’t mind! But I live in Qatar and we don’t
have marshmallow fluff or marshmallow cream or stuff like that 🙁 so I want
something I can find in the super market btw I looove you and your my idol
and I now am in love with something called cooking and baking thanks to you

Sona Gasparian says:

Looks delicious!!

lakesha ellard says:

Please make the red velvet whoopie pies bc my hubby and son don’t eat

Bhargavi CH says:

Laura PPPLLLEEEAAASSSEEE im begging you mame fro yo frozen yodurt all of
these yeas ive been a loyal follower on every social media that you own
plllllleeeeeaaaaaaassseee pppppplllllleeeeeaaaaaaasssssssse
ppppppppplllllllleeeeeeaaaaaasssssssssseeeeeeee make frozen yogurt im
begging you 

Laura in the Kitchen says:
Bora Yoon says:

You should bake french macaroons ♥

Humaad Raja says:

Does anyone have an alternative to buttermilk? Could I just use milk? I’ve
never seen it here in England, I actually had to search up what it even was

Nelly x says:


ash_smash says:

Plzzz do red velvet whoopie pies with MARSHMALLOW CREME FILLING

Daniela Reyes says:

There not gorgeous..there gorgeous!!

leyani leon says:

Tuna tartare, PLEASE!!!! I have looked it up everywhere and it seems pretty
easy but I feel like I’m cheating if I try someone else recipe.
Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee & thank you!

nursevsfood says:

Thumbs Up for Laura Vitale

David Moura says:

Laura, I’d love you to show us your take on any Brazilian traditional
recipe! Since we rely on very regional and seasonal ingredients because
Brazil is a very tropical country, I can suggest you make Vatapá (Brazilian
Shrimp and Fish Coconut Stew) – I think you’ll find no problems with
ingredients. I’ll link down here the main basic recipe, but I’d love to see
your take on it. Cheers from Brazil and best of luck with the new house. 🙂

Diana Frazao says:

Aaaaahhhhhh, did someone say RED VELVET! I love anything red velvet! U know
its its a good batter, when u see it beaten together and looks so silky-
that u just want to eat it like that! Yummy! 

Fizzah Bi says:

hi laura i made the chocolate crinkles and they were AWESOME DELISH i
couldnt giv a pic and send it to u cuz i ate them all lol thx keep makin
more vids

Rachel Jones says:

Red velvet and marshmallow filling would be to die for, please show us how

FrozenEden says:

I’d like to see the marshmallow filling.

that bakingunicorn says:

Red velvet whoopie pies would be great! Especially with valentines day
coming up! It’s perfect!

Annie Chen says:

YESSSS RED VELvet with marshmallow 

Courtney Turner says:

…”aaannnnndd don’t nobody want hockey pucks with some creme cheese
filling.” Ur Hilarious!!! Lol.
And please make a red velvet version.

anye76 says:

hey Laura and Joey V where is the feature that I can click the link and buy
he ingredients or something like that? I don’t see it maybe doing it wrong.
Help. these little guys looks amazing never head a whoopie pie before

Felicia Tjuatja says:

Marshmallow cream please…

Audrey G says:

Please share the marshmallow cream one!!

katinalafa says:


PaperChaser says:

Woopie pies are like macaroons with muffin tops lol

Ashley R says:

Woodland bakery uploaded the same exact recipe a few days ago

carmela rogers says:

You’re truly the best!

Jess ica says:

crock pot recipes pleeeeeeease!

Malleha Rana says:

Laura if I were to make these with out chocolate would I just skip the
cocoa powder and espresso?

ilovearizona says:

This looks great, but I think I will take each one and split it to put the
filling in- instead of using two together. Thanks for the inspiration!

Brooklyn Anderson says:


Ashley Natyniak says:

These dont really seem like a real whoopie pie. I lived in Maine for a long
time and they are like gospel there. Looks more like cupcakes stuck

Alyssia R. says:

Oh my god. I needed this. Ive been a pretty bad week and even though I cant
bake,I just love watching you make stuff. Thank you. You have made my day!

Kristinapr16 says:

Can you make a cookie with a potatoe chip baked into it. I see those
cookies from mama ria’s and they look so delicious. Thank you for sharing
another wonderful recipe. These whoopie pies look amazing. I was drooling
watching you make them!!

Olia Samad says:

yes please do but you know chocolate goes better with the marshmallow
filling and red velvet with the cream cheese filling

batmanswife says:

Can you please not talk with your mouth full. Thank you. I love your

justenough2luvu says:

I love your channel!! Just set my alarm to watch Simply Laura on the
Cooking channel every Monday at 10:30am est!!! ❤

Braylon Steward says:

Red velvet

bitchyourgag says:


Flare1015 says:

Sooo, what do you do with all of this food? The desserts, in particular

Ayu Dyah says:

please make the red velvet whoopie pie with marshmallow filling. I really
want to know your marshmallow filling version. please share with us.

Tara Rhodes says:

could i use a muffin pan? and just not fill it up all of the way? or naw

Ran Qi says:

Too much sweet!!!!!!!! Can you teach something not tooooo sweet!!!!

Sabnina98 says:

Pleaseee do other flavours as well. Omg! Thank u for this recipe! Gonna
make it for a party! 

xhorselover02x says:

Please do that red velvet version!!!!! Xx

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