Check this before calling for air conditioner service

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Close Jacksonville air conditioning installation This video shows you some things you can check before calling your air conditioning r…


Christina Paul says:

What is the part that makes the 24 volts?

Sashewa Giguere says:

So moved into ne rental unit back in Beg of April 2014 first issue had was
the ceiling in front family room leaking then a small portion of it falling
out, As well seems the AC hasn’t worked at all since moving in and the heat
kicks on and the system (blower or whatever it is called ) is extremely
loud. As well my downstairs toilet doesn’t flush properly and also makes my
kitchen sink gurgle loudly. So my Landlord’s guys 1 took them after 2
attempts of fixing the leak in the family room finally said its the roof,
so now they replaced it or so they said they did. The other guy says the
sink gurgling has something to do with the septic and there nothing can be
done about that, and the guy who inspected the AC I guess claimed it was
from my 15 pound dog maybe …..yeah right ok so what can I do about the AC
? It doesn’t stay on or blow any cold air. And I have no idea what could be
wrong with it. I sure as hell now it can’t be from my two dogs both under
15 pounds. Any suggestions. I cant really afford an expensive repair
company and the owner says if I can get it done for lower than $500 which
is what he was quoted I can deduct it from July rent.

Gabi Benitez says:


bgcuvee says:

Very Clear Cut and Informative.
Thank you.

got a question, the “flow switch” you mentioned what does it look like?
seem like connected to electricity?

Andre Matthew says:

i had checked all these but still have cooling issue.

SlimThaDon300 says:

I have the same ac unit
What trane thermostat you will recommend???

doyle harwood says:

what if the breaker keeps trippin what can i check to fix the problem

Peter Murray says:

I have a new 11 months Carrier A/c.under warranty.
When I restarted it this year at AC works but when it has reach the set
temperature tha AC stops running but the fan in the AC attic unit just
keeps running.
The technician seems to be guessing and it is now three weeks since we
contacted them.
Any thoughts on fixing this?

nickfkd76 says:

@soccerpeve you want about a 5 degree difference in temp between the heat
temp and cool temp desired.

Jerome Trench says:

thank u very very very much ur solution work….god bless u sir

avionicswirenut says:

Rheem inside unit with outside A/C…Why 2 drain lines on inside coil
??..One to the drain pan and one to a drain pipe…??? If the drain line is
plugged, should the fan come on ??? Right now no inside fan and no A/C….
I jumped the thermostat to activate inside fan, but it did not work…I
suspect control board even though it has 2 green lights with no fault
lights….Help ???

n7c7m7p8 says:

My outside New York HVAC starts but the engine seems to stop and wants to
start again. Ily does run for few sec/minutes and it goes back to stop. I
replaced the control board. Same issues… What could be the issue here?

redbaron2448 says:

my AC unit goes off and on every 5 minutes I thought it was a thermostat
but its not any ideas

chadinem says:

These are all those little things some home owners get shitty about having
to pay a service call for. Oh don’t forget to mention to check to make sure
all the registers are open and uncovered, especially in old houses where
there is a huge return grill in the floor and people like to throw rugs
over them.

kithi tan prem-on says:

This guy is hot

evaporator100 says:

good informative video manny thanks

angelojrs2007 says:

Thanks , Thanks , Thanks…You save my life and my wallet : )

kjuice116 says:

Thanks, answered questions for a simple filter change

Victor Scarpita says:

did you figure this out?

chadinem says:

It could be kicking out on high or low pressure.

1951jas says:

@cuttinup97 Find the end of the condensate line where it exits the house.
If it”s up high, get a ladder to reach it. Then put your mouth on it and
suck like hell.

Gabe Scott says:

Thanks!!! It was just the batteries. I learned a lot here. THANK YOU

Jeremy Kennedy says:

We had a controller in the furnace replaced would that affect the fact we
turned on our ac and it wasn’t cold ??

lil10choe says:

THANK YOU… saved my evening!! 🙂

Dan McCall says:

THANK YOU! It was the float switch on the drain line. Saved me an
unnecessary, and potentially expensive, service call.

luv2ridetrails says:

Thank you. I had already changed filter, checked breaker and fuses, but I
didn’t know there were batteries in the thermostat. Viola. I have a working
a/c. Thanks again.

avionicswirenut says:

After I pulled my head out of my ass and purchased a new control board, I
figured it out….Hidden under the main duct in the drip pan was a water
level switch that had activated due to water in the drip pan….Basically
the drain system was installed wrong and causing the drip pan to fill up
with water. Fixed the drain lines and unit works like a champ…

GKAtascosa says:

That is a dumb shit there,

Eli's Air Conditioning says:

Awesome video guys. Definitely helpful advice before people pick up the

Florian Boyd says:

My condensate line gets clogged sometimes. Never thought to run bleach down
the line. Thanks!

usaearthling says:

A video I:48 minutes long saved me hundreds of dollars.

WiseInfant says:

@cuttinup97 You go in the attic and clean it…

RatavaTheDyslexic says:

evitafab, if your curcuit breaker keeps tripping it’s one of two things.
Most likely you are drawing too much current. Alternately, you have a worn
out curcuit breaker. If your comfortable working with electricity, it’s
cheaper and faster to replace the curcuit breaker yourself. Unless you can
get a free estimate/diagnosis from an AC guy. It’s probably your AC. If
your bearings in your motor are wearing out it will draw more electricity
and cause your breaker to trip. Call an AC guy first.

Victor Scarpita says:

did you figure this out?

tomcat2170 says:

too bad i’m married! he’s got stalkability!! lol

carder52 says:

Thanks a bunch, this tip just saved a father,Mother and 5 kids from the
sweltering heat.

Susienews1 says:

for a good local Arizona air conditioning company call Service Pros

Alex Williams says:

Very helpful video.

carder52 says:

Thanks a bunch, this tip just saved a father,Mother and 5 kids from the
sweltering heat.

floWARd2012 says:

Check this b4 calling….???? Good going ! Now you just lost a $80 service
call. LOL.

Daniel Wilson says:

You know this is the internet and some retards on here are dumb enough to
try that right?

Bianca Gaviria says:

cool ok

Ievolovel says:

Quick question. Air conditioner was on all night, but never shut off
because we had it set on about 70, but never got there (big house). Air
conditioner is totally running and turns on, but is blowing absolutely no

butt head says:

great video.the problem I have is that air kicks on and after a couple min.
the air kicks off and the heat kicks in?

Tierra Alexander says:

i cut off the main power tothe house waited turned back on it worked but
the furnace fan turn very slowly and hums then the central air unit stops.

pepesamuel1985 says:

Thanks .


My air condition stop at one day , and I do not have any clue about the air
condition. I went through many video , but I did not find any answer to my
problem til I find that video , followed it and my air condition start to
work again . Thanks a million.

tony long says:

You just saved me some money and time to call a service. Thank you!

amberview30 says:

@premon Yeah, I thought I’d give him a call even if the AC is working…I
think I’ll break it and ask him to come over. lol

filip mybutt says:

sounds like your evap coil froze up, or motor burned out, or both, or if
you have zoning, thats a whole nother can of worms, call a tech, you have
problems somewhere

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