Can Food Make You Beautiful? Ft. Ruth Crilly – Performance Food

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On the topic of performance food and exploring how food can affect our lives… Barry didn’t want to push himself too hard. So he teamed up with Model and YouTuber Ruth Crilly to pamper himself…


omar boulfich says:

How is she a model :/

TigerSan007 says:

The don’t buy it don’t eat it is the best advice. I followed that rule to
a tee when I changed my diet and started exercising seriously two years ago
to lose weight because I had almost no self control around sweets. Much
better now at resisting but I still don’t buy sweets unless I am having a
special treat.

SORTED Food says:

Performance isn’t all about sports… food can impact the way you look and
feel every day!

Scattered Moon Shards says:

I still think if you take enough vitamins in food and sleep well you can
still have good skin even if you eat chocolate every day (in moderation).

Casey Chieri says:

Died fruit isn’t healthy. It’s basically the same as eating sweets. All the
goodness has been taken out of them. 

TheDenisedrake says:

But Barry, you DO have a bubbly personality. Haha… couldn’t resist!
Seriously, all the Sorted chaps are fabulous– don’t change a thing.

L Richardson says:

Exactly glad people are starting to talk about this 99% of people in this
world dont know what magical things the right foods when fresh can do to
our bodies inside and out

Lily Parkinson says:

my house isn’t foiled with sugary fatty stuff but I make mini cake mixtures
for myself nearly daily and eat them raw with milk instead of egg so I will
never escape the temptation

AnnK H says:

dried fruit is like candy. better eat a piece of fresh fruit as an
afternoon snack on whenever!

Alex Dixon says:

Effort on censoring the faces in the window behind Ruth

screamtoday says:

To the judgmental people in the comments: You can laugh and make fun of her
appearance all you’d like, but it will never change the fact that she’s a
model and you probably never will be. Suck on that. :)

JLCammack says:

Always a pleasure to see Ruth! 

Abel & Cole says:

Great video & wonderful advice! 

Charles stiff says:

She’s got the London look

Thirdy Summer says:

I like dried mangos too!

Jess Wolfe says:

Avocado is by far my favourite fruit, however… im allergic to them. Is
there anything equally as healthy and delicious as them?

Maggie Milly Molly May says:

do i only see that she is pregnant because i know it or does somebody else
see it too?

kennedy brett says:

so true about the don’t buy it thing that she said at the end, I bought
cookies yesterday because the sweet tooth got the better of me and now I’m
just tempted to eat them all :/, think I learned from that mistake. 

Claire, The Aware Beauty says:

I just love Ruth so much!! She is so knowledgable, and funny. So glad you
had her on your channel. 

Jenni Röynä says:

Drinking lemon water is something to consider as well, not only does it
make your skin glow but also helps with digestion ! 🙂 

WhitePianoLily says:

I like how he is putting stuff on in the background just every time we see
him there is more XD

Hajar za says:

She reminds me of a jewelry model for Thomas Sabo.hehu~

Lauren Earl says:

I love all of these videos! Makes me laugh and feel confident in cooking!!

Mirabelle176 says:

Ruth! I love her :3 Best video collab ever ^^

KaennC says:

wow Ruth’s eyes are so clear..

kirsten_ducky says:

Sorted+Ruth=excellent combo!

2ndsB4 says:

ey zahnlücke komma her :D

D88888888Mc says:

food can give you boobs – a wise man sad to me

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