Cajun Chicken Pasta Recipe – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 806

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Laura in the Kitchen says:

thumbs up for more PASTA RECIPESSSSSS!!!!!! :)

darin ak says:

You eat a lot of dead animals

Sasa Hara says:

not for me, since i don’t eat meat, but looks lovely!
i want a pan like that but can’t find one, is there a specific term i have
to look for? what is it made of, iron?

Tobias Hörl says:

Do you get your chicken thighs already boneless or do you get rid of the
bones yourself? I don’t know if i can purchase boneless chicken thighs I
think I’ll have to look for it 😀 If you get rid of them yourself, could
you show us how to do this? Because I don’t think I can do this and
seperate them good and easy 😀 🙂 Fantastic looking recipe by the way! :)

Sarah Ko says:

But I love green bell peppers! Lol

Alicia Ashmeade says:

Didn’t even chew the chicken though…

Lebanees1 says:

U dont chew your foodddd

Chuck Daly says:

Marry me?

Susan DLP says:

Chicken thighs trump breasts every time for our family. 

Souka El says:

What was that first thing that she added with chiken? 

Tania L says:

You’re so creepy Laura! I literally just made this & came on YouTube to see
you uploaded it. Haha 🙂 

tasleem baig says:


Laura in the Kitchen says:
christinedemifan says:

301 club

Braskypants1 says:

I always see the “she just inhaled that bite” comments. It’s a cooking
show. Watch Master Chef and you see Gordon Ramsay doing the same exact
thing. People don’t want to “suffer” through watching someone chew food
for 10 seconds. 

patel0020 says:

she didn’t even chew that chicken!! lol wtf

Rachel Kelemen says:

Why aren’t you on the food network yet?! <3 

A Vasquez says:

She did chew her chicken guys lol

Vanessa L says:

please laura i love your videos and please could you do some healthy
breakfast ideas pleaseeeeeee

Rainbow Gardens says:

Yes. yes, and YES to chicken thighs. I have always loved dark meat
chicken. Good thing I married a man (an unfoodie, lol) who likes white
meat. Whole chickens work out great for us. 

haily smith says:

she didnt say “and on this episode of laura in the kitchen…”

Rosannasfriend says:

Ugh, that looked amazing long before you finished making it.

Adahn5 says:

Hurray for a pasta recipe! It’s not Italian but that’s okay xD Will you
make some gnochetti verdi for us next Laura, pretty please?

Harold MartLaur says:

That looks very delicious 

Rick WHOSIT says:

That would go GREAT over a bed of rice, which is any real Cajun’s pasta.
Once on MY plate, I’d give it a few splashes of hot sauce as well and with
some buttermilk biscuits or corn bread muffins. . . . WHOO BOY!

Also you’re absolutely 100% correct about chicken thighs having more flavor
than chicken breasts. Forgot exactly why, something to do with muscle and
fat types, but they do.

Be well, stay safe, and I bid you & yours peace.

Yvonne Phu says:

Hi Laura, love watching your videos. Question, what brand is that Cajun
seasoning. All the ones I see and buy contain salt. 

Vera Pauls says:

Definitely trying this dish out. And love your make up

Gael Guirand says:

Omg I was just eating that lol

MyMusicalMusa says:

Can you make curry chicken rice?

Kirsten Spokes says:

This looks awesome! Going to try!

dougefresh133 says:

Would Cajun chicken qualify as southern Italian? ;)

someoneyouknow12 says:

Someone needs to make a montage of laura saying “Hi Guys” at the beginning
of every one of her videos! Thats a viral video!

EnricoPopowski says:

Loved the way you sucked the pasta. 

amy lor says:

Will you do a video on a lemon filled in jelly donut? Thank you!!

רון בן זקן says:

Dear laura!
I love your recipes and I make a lot of them but the problem is that I’m
Jewish and my family does not eat meat and dairy together so I would really
appreciate if you could make a dinner recipe that doesn’t contain meat and
dairies combined and maybe also cakes that does not need dairy at all in
the process

Maddy Griffith says:

The cajun chicken pasta that I found a recipe on used all heavy cream
instead of chicken stock. It was like 2 pints. It was sooo creamy and good
for the first couple bites but quickly becomes too rich and too heavy. I’m
excited to try this version because it looks a lot lighter. Yum!

courbry123 says:

This looks delicious!!!!! Thanks so much for sharing. 

I Just Like To Cook says:

I love just about anything Cajun! I’m sure this dish is very tasty. Looks

Katerina says:

Hi Laura! I adore pasta recipes.. I’ve made your amatriciana one a billion
times!!! I would really like to see your version of cajun seasoning. I
searched it online, but I wanna make this dish all Laura! I love you so
much! :)

Janani Hari says:

Wow!!!!! No words laura..

Jen Vongsa says:

Finally a pasta recipe!!!

rebeccajb2 says:

3:44 lmao

Patricia Droddy says:

Chicken breast are a leaner, low fat part of the chicken. That’s why so
many people go for the chicken breast over the rest of the chicken.

BeYoutiful13 says:

back to school healthy lunch ideas please!!!!!

Gilbert Flores says:

I mean inspiration 

Mohd Taufik Mohammad says:

“I’m gonna serve myself a little bit.”
*put some pasta in the dish*
“I don’t wanna serve myself too much”
*put some more pasta in the dish*
“I don’t wanna be greedy”
*put some more*
“But, it’s a taste test”
*put even more*

Ha! This makes me laugh. Nonetheless, I love your videos Laura. I have
tried some of your recipe and they never failed. My parents especially
loved the garlic cheesy dinner rolls. I’m gonna try this one.

TheLivingDeadOne says:

I wish I had her at home cooking for me,. I’m so hungry for some real home
cooked food, instead of cold cuts and canned soup.

James Trail says:

Mmmmm that looks bomb!!!

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