Bunn Coffee Maker Leaking FIX

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A quick, easy, inexpensive fix to your leaking Bunn coffee maker.


Eric Anderson says:

Thanks Everybody for your comments. I was just messing around and next
thing you know, this silly fix has been viewed over 5,000 times! Have a
Merry Christmas! 

Deno Keller says:

Mine did the exact same thing and thought for sure it was a gonner !!!
Thanks for sharing this AWESOME fix with everyone !!!
Thank Ya and GOD Bless 

Renee Marks says:

Thank goodness I do not have to buy a new one! Thanks so much!

Leo Nicholson says:

Did this, but, it started leaking again. It seems the hole the seating
gasket goes into has deteriorated and the seating gasket can’t seal. I
removed it and used thick silicon sealant under the bottom of the large
washer where it meets the metal surface and the leak has disappeared for a
week so far. I think the added thickness to the original washer allows
enough compression for it to seal. This was all done to an older unit I
had previously stored for parts due to the same leaking problem. (Also,
after phoning Bunn, was sent replacement for my newer unit under 3 year
warranty that I thought had expired). Now have a new one for a spare! 

Kat Hickey says:

This worked!! Thanks for saving us money and trouble!

John Kemmis says:

I used a thin coating of plumbers lube on the silicone gasket. Then when
re-installing the tank, I pressed the water tank firmly down at the exit
hole. The slight flexing of the tank will force the entrapped air out and
make for a nice, sealed fit between the 2 pieces. No extra parts are

Steph Purdy says:

Ah! Thank you so much! My Bunn has been leaking for quite a while. I
finally had some extra time to research this. Headed to Lowes to get my
seat washer today! 

David Libby says:

Another successful fix!! Thank you, Eric! A $100 coffee maker, had to put
in a redesigned spray head to prevent basket overflowing, and now at two
years old, a puddle of water on the counter (seems rather dangerous for an
electrical appliance). If they would only re-engineer the cheap bent lip on
the carafe… “No matter how you shake and dance, that last little drop
will get your… countertop!”

Loren Cooley says:

Hi, again, Eric and Company, Important info re: this fix for leaking
Bunn Coffee makers. This fix ONLY WORKS FOR THE SQUARE machines, not those
that have a round lid, round face, round back tank area. Bunn assured me
that there is not a gasket kit available for the newer machines and that
the leaking occurs when people do not properly clean the machine with cold,
whole white vinegar ran through the machine, making sure that machine is on
and empty carafe is under drip spout, hot water will be the first pot of
water that one receives. Waiting for 2 hours, then run another full carafe
of cold water and this will force the now steaming hot vinegar (full pot of
whole, white vinegar became steaming hot while in reserve chamber and also,
at the time, while simmering, it removed lime and other mineral build-up
gaskets that are not replaceable for the newer, round face models. I
explained that this has happened to ALL of our Bunn coffee makers, EXCEPT
the one that my Grandmother purchased about 35 years ago and that the 3
year warranting conveniently falls short of covering this problem that the
sales rep admitted typically started in most Bunn Coffee Makers at the 4
year mark.
She sent a $40 coupon for the purchase of a Bunn online on their home site
– but not sure where I am to get the remaining money to purchase a new,
non-leaking one.

If ANY person has successfully fixed a round Bunn Coffee Maker, PLEASE
share your story and, if possible, contact me so that I might be able to
see your fix story and get mine fixed with help and inspiration from
hearing about your adventure in Bunn Coffee Machine leaking repair yarn!
Thank you for your assistance, Eric,

dave c says:

My local ace charged me $4.79

Leo Nicholson says:

What can I say? Exact instructions, even with a part number! Thank you
for taking the time.

Scott Therrien says:

Just fixed our leaky Bunn using your fix. Worked great. Thanks for posting

Bonnie Wylin says:

Thank you so much. You explained & showed how to fix this problem so well,
even as to what size &ytpe ring you get, & Wichita way to install it. An
idiot like me, blonde needles to say understood it & fixed my coffee maker.
Thanks again , great job

Jaime Medina says:

Mine just began leaking yesterday. The water inside also does not heat up,
which at first I thought was caused by someone turning the unit off, but
now I am wondering if the leak shorted something inside. Both problems
began at the same time. Has anyone else had this problem?
Thanks for a great video Eric.

Loren Cooley says:

Hi Eric,
I really appreciate your video showing the repair of an upper leak on your
Bunn Coffee Maker.

The most recent Bunn Coffee maker to fail in our family, #4, has been
passed my way for repair of a leak that appears to come from a leak
somewhere on the lower part of the maker. Do you, or any other person
reading this, know anything about this type of leak and how to repair it.
It seems to be particularly difficult to attempt any type of diagnosis
because the stainless metal bottom plate (the one that faces the
counter-top) is not attached by screws but secured tightly by several
vertically placed, secured, thin pieces of metal that slide through slots
on the bottom plate and are bent at 10 degrees to hold the bottom plate
securely in place. It appears that the only way to access the bottom inner
workings is to be able to bend these vertical plates back by 10 degrees so
that they are straightened out and the bottom will then easily slip off
making the bottom section of the maker’s inner workings visible and
available to fix. So far, I have been unable to bend these metal tabs back
so that I can remove the bottom and see what, if anything, is failing in
the bottom section of the maker.

Every Bunn Coffee maker that we’ve owned in my family (including ones
passed between my grandparents and parents), 5+ so far when all counted,
have started leaking on the lower half – water surrounds the enamel covered
metal hot plate which the glass carafe sits on – water is visible and is
level with the height of the hot-plate and the plastic that surrounds it
and then, also, water is visible on the small ledge where the column that
connects the top part (water heater and dispenser) to the base of the maker
(this is the part that sits on the counter, the bottom side is made of
metal and several small rubber feet logistically placed so that the maker
is sitting correctly, w/o wobbling, on the counter.

The water might possibly come out of the very bottom metal plate that is
both the base/bottom plate of the maker, faces the counter-top and appears
to be held in place by 2-3 stainless/rustproof pieces of metal that are
made of the same material that the bottom plate is made of (the one facing
the counter top) and these metal tabs fit through slots on this bottom
stainless metal piece that creates the bottom of the entire coffee maker
and the pieces fit through these slots and are then bent by about
10degrees, stopping the bottom plate from wiggling, clanking, not seating
completely and also make it very difficult to remove this bottom section to
see why there is water accumulating at the base of the tower and in the
small space between the black porcelain hot-plate and that small space
created by the plastic that surrounds it.

I’ve heard that this is a common leaking point for Bunn Coffee Makers, that
it typically occurs at about the 5-7 year mark (the 3 of 5 makers that have
failed so far have done so at between 4-5 years) and I’ve read that it
involved a small rubber tube that has a connection that fails.

Does ANYBODY know about this type of leak and have successful experience
with repairing it? Bunn operator stated that they knew exactly what was
leaking (small rubber tube/connection) and is charging a fee that starts at
$60 USD to fix it. It seems quite unfair especially when one takes into
account the price to purchase this supposedly top of the line coffee
brewer. It was especially peeving to me when I realized that every,
literally EVERY Bunn coffee maker that we have owned, once it hits 4-5
years of age, has a leak that is so well known by the employees at the Bunn
Customer Service desk that they outright state that this is a very common,
well known failing and that they can even quote an accurate price for an
accurately diagnosed (w/o even seeing the brewer) part needing repair.
Why not simply fix the issue in production or offer free “tune-ups” for
these known issues?

donray4887 says:

I just bought a new one today because my other one(Which had only been used
for about 3 weeks) had started leaking when I put what in it. I got home
with my new one and could not even put one caraff in before it started
pouring water. I have already sent them an email about it, I know I can
buy the part to fix both of them but for the price we pay for them you
should not have to do anything to one when its brand new!

aleekat73 says:

Note: I did this fix. Still leaked. Pause at the 1:07 mark. My leak was
an large o-ring under the metal cap. You’ll see 6 screws holding the metal
down.(at the pause the screws have been removed) Before you put it all
back together. Remove the plastic large washer in the center. Find a
funnel that fits tight in that hole. Slowly fill with water. If like
mine, you’ll see water leaking under the edge of the metal top. Fix:
remove the 6 screws. Remove the spray head and nut under it. Lift the
metal top off to expose the o-ring. Either replace the o-ring or use some
food safe silicon sealer. Be prepared for lots of lime/calcium build up in
the tank. 

Julie Yeater says:

Well thanks, Eric! That’s going to come in real handy when my Bunn starts
to leak!

lrexpower says:

Thanks for being so specific on what I needed to buy to fix the Bunn leak.
I am a mechanical idiot, but you saved me $97.


The repair is pure ‘Good OL American ingenuity’ Eric… You saw the problem
that the company would not address and decided to solve it your
self…pretty Kool !! I visited several sites before I found your Great
detailed video… None of the others even came close to offering a
solution, or a way to fix the problem yourself… The other sites were
mostly people with this same problem, who had contacted BUNN and came away
very dissatisfied …vowing to never own another one of their products!..

Liz Weddington says:

3 minutes and 36 seconds of pure bliss. #blessed

Tamera Rooney says:

Excellent video. I hate Bunn leakage.


Eric I found the same part (seat washer-Price/Phister -fits 3H-8H/C) at
LOWES, priced at $3.57 for two. It was sold under the stores ‘universal’
brand, …with a Danco part no. of 80359 … GREAT EASY FIX !!! Thanks, I’m
sitting here enjoying my first cup of coffee in 6 mos without a wet counter

Kristen Schroeder says:

My bunn is incredible now.. thanks to you, Eric!!

Alexandria Gratz-Collier says:

What can I say? You were clear and concise and my bunn maker is working
better than ever! I literally have tears in my eyes…THANK YOU.

Dan Gallagher says:

Thanks, Eric for taking the time to make this video . The price of the part
has gone up a dollar, so it would seem your solution is being utilized. I
watched your video again and have the new part upside down but it has stop
the leak and I will leave it like that because grandpa said don’t try to
fix what ain’t broke. Once Again, thank you.

Eric Anderson says:

I’m a mechanical idiot too, but I do like my coffee!

Jay Yeater says:

Wow, thanks for making this video Eric, I’ve destroyed two Bunn coffee
makers already and could repair them using your video. When I get home
tonight, I’ll be getting my Bunns out. Thanks

Eric Anderson says:
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