Ashley Eckstein Presents Geek Couture with Her Universe

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Ashley Eckstein is the founder of Her Universe, a clothing line she created with sci-fi, fantasy and animation clothing in mind, specifically for female fans– which can be quite difficult…

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J3yblivion says:

fuck the fashion industry

Tonyo Allie says:

My geekiness feels sexy.

OJagg1 says:

Looked like a normal fashion show…. What exacelly is geek fashion? I
thought that was cosplay. :s

Ben engledow says:

Millenium falcon ear rings! 

Ambiguity says:



HA… Ahsoka Tano! Lol! :D

Dastreus says:

Didn’t know Hot topic was still a thing, let alone they changed their logo.
Looks like they owned up to their consumer base with the new font they’re
using. Pop music kids, I mean.

McCaffery says:

Geeky and Fabulous. 

Marco Antônio Possamai says:

Is it geeky or hipster couture?

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