Air Conditioner Compressor Repair How to Install: Mechanic Instruction- Part 3 of 3

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Close Air Conditioner Compressor Repair- How to properly install an Air Conditione…


Bingster23 says:

do you guys have location in Vegas..?

tigerman4 says:

sure…show a car that makes it easy to get to , why not show something
like a mazda3 or Saturn , where the damn thing is on the bottom of the car
and you have to pull the wheel and inner wheel well to get to it….ummhmmmm

DiscountACparts says:

Our warehouse is located in California. We ship out of San Diego, CA.

theTROOPERappelt says:

I am pretty sure these videos are AWESOME, but am curious on if all this is
the same on a V6 accord?

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