Air Conditioner Compressor Repair How to Install: Mechanic Instruction- Part 1 of 3

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Close Air Conditioner Compressor Repair- How to properly install an Air Conditione…


DiscountACparts says:

I talk to many customers over the phone, so I know how you feel. If the
right steps are not taken to fix the AC system then they can cause more
damage than good. Does your shop have a specialty or are you full service?

Osvaldo Salgado says:

I have no idea how he can do a visual inspection with those shades on.

Nathan Wallace says:

i do 🙂

sprydo7 says:

that’s why God given you two eyeballs…not some dark slim shady’

Coolride17 says:

I don’t assume that’s the only leak, I use my leak detector also.


@dkpats121213 I do… I purchase the tools using the money I would have
spent on getting someone else to do the Job. Your gota pay anyway might as
get some tools out of the deal by doing the work yourself rather then pay

dk pats says:

who has those tools at there house, seriously?

Rami Ek says:

in which case a mechanic has no chance hence the 800+ repair == replace
everything as that is all a mechanic can do

Lynx Star Automotive says:

Originally I kept it strictly euros (my specialty) but when the economy
took a turn for the worse I lent my services to all that would come. Today
I service a dedicated client base that ranges from fleet vans, to bmw
750il. I am ASE certified in brakes, ac engine performance I/II and

eric halka sr says:

take ur glasses off tuff guy maybe u can see lol

johnnyhvac says:

Those ‘Shades” are probably some Z-87 saftey type sunglasses, step off the
man sack please. he is doing the right thing protecting his eyes. If they
are not -87’s then he is putting himself at more risk….. Wear the Z-87’s
and be safe!

dirtmax64 says:

I like how he skips steps like when the belt magically disappeared. I’m
wonder if that’s the only step he skipped.

DiscountACparts says:

If you are looking for DIY information for repairing an AC system I
recommend going to BuyAutoParts and then clicking on the HowTo section

Lynx Star Automotive says:

Ac is not a DIY fix. You need equipment. And knowledge. Sorry to disappoint
the backyard wrench turners

Rami Ek says:

Sure but HOW is it an 800+ repair??

tainle says:

nobody really like this kind of video tutorial because the device needed
hardly anyone that own a car have them. it is useless. need some tutorial
that is DIY.


lmaooo, i was just wondering tha same thing lolll

Maricruz De San Luis Rey says:

How can u see w those dark shades?

Lynx Star Automotive says:

Here in Miami so many DIYers f’up their air conditioners by doing dumb
stuff like over charging, no vacuum, and all that leak sealer crap. Then
they cry when it’s 800+ to repair, and call us scammers. It’s a no win
situation. You just have to be optimistic, and focus on customer service. I
also have customers who appreciate my knowledge and work ethics, and that’s
nice too

KAKApoopooPEEPEE3 says:

Bring your car in to a shop than biatch…

Lynx Star Automotive says:

I actually provide mobile services. I am a mechanical engineering student,
and turn wrenches to pay for school. However prior to my decision to return
to school and further my career I worked in the industry for 6 years.
(Dealer circuits). I learned a lot about customer service, and diagnosing,
but I felt like a cow at the slaughterhouse. So I branched out on my own
and became independant.

Niche79 says:

@dkpats121213 obviously this guy does! duh

DiscountACparts says:

You are correct. The AC is a very difficult system to work on. It is very
easy to cause contamination and make the problem even worse. This video is
posted to help the advanced auto parts specialist.

WV591 says:

You dont flush the AC system before you remove and replace all the parts?

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