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Today I made Adventure Time Snail Cinnamon Rolls with my friend Josh! I really enjoy making nerdy themed goodies and decorating them. I’m not a pro, but I love baking as a hobby. Please let…


Charlotte Connell says:

Please make Chica’s cupcakes from five nights at Freddy’s with Markiplier

Paola Vicioso says:

Am I the only one who thinks the guy is rlly adorable lol xc

Senpai says:

15 times if you count the first appearance and last. But 13 times if you
just count how many times it moved around in the background. 

LifeOfVanessa says:

can you do something “walking dead” please :D

Lauren Rusek says:


Becca Grube says:

please please please can you do something Legend of korra themed Ro

Amelia S says:

The snail moves 14 times if you include it moving from Josh’s hands to the

Sarah Madden says:

14 times
1- counter by mixer
2- counter by candies
3- counter behind green candies
4- on top of blue mixer
5- behind yellow candies
6- between Josh and Rosanna
7- behind dinosaur
8- top of red candies
9- front of screen
10- on dinosaur
11- on top of stove vent
12- side down under stove vent
13- on the side of stove vent
14- with the cinnamon rolls

Sophia F says:

i counted 14 times. love you rosanna!!!❤️

Camille Fujibayashi says:

Josh is so adorable <3

Allia Rosli says:

Josh is really cute and he seems like a really nice guys.. gonna check out
his youtube ^^

Tomas Dambrauskas says:

Makup overload.

Braidy Jones says:

I did not pa attention to the video, I was just looking for the snail lol!
Now I am going to watch it again! By the way it moved 14 times! 

shemgriffiths1 says:

please do something arrow,flash or gotham related that would be awesome

Cathy Pacheco says:

12 and can you do blogs about cookie. And can you do cookie your dog cookie
or cake or cupcake.

Knive defender says:

When someone says yeast I think of vagina.

Leah Gallagher says:

5sos or goth cookies or cupcakes please x

FlyingArmy says:

14 easy you just concentrate young grasshopper

Jason Marroquin says:

Make something out of five nights at freddy’s 

the sass gal says:

These look so good and I love the snail finding game. I think the snail
moved 10 times <3

Gabyy Fuentes says:

Can you do something five night at Freddy’s theme please

wiksten93 says:

Josh looks so petty in a feminine way. No offense i hope D:

Jaiyana Khan says:

13- It’s how many times the snail moved, not how many times he showed. 

Cathy Reed says:

11 times

Esther Soliman says:

14 and if ur ment to count the one at the end 15 

Ryland Bejar says:

Do either Disco Zoo or Five Nights At Freddy’s

Charlotte Wilson says:

I saw the cute little snail 14 times ☺️☺️☺️

Crafting With Gage says:

Can you make bacon pancakes? Pweze?

Anabelle Jonstin says:

Can you do something crossy road? 

Laura Grim says:

These are sooooooo cute ahhhhhhh I love the little snail

Naomi Burns says:

14 times the little snail went

Stephanie Sirko says:

I counted it moving 12 times.

kyle harken says:

do something clash of clans please!

Emma Vargo says:

11 and really upside down

Camilla Sparkle Larsen says:

13 ^^ <3

Fiona Brown says:

Snail moved 14 times wow dats a lot

JannickeVideos says:

Make chocolate and banana cupcakes

Karyn Franklin says:

the snail moved 14 times

Cheri Dan says:

They look cute together! 

Carley Patterson says:

i think he moved 12 times

Purple Bunny Love says:

He moved 14 times :)

Justin Leopold says:

It moved about 9 times

Arcka mono says:

Dem dinosaurs having a good time

Tenshilove says:

Milk not melk like Tf lol

Melissa Andrea Mejia says:

I counted 12 times 

Amanda LeForce says:

I counted 13 times (: 

KanadaKitten says:

he moves 14 times! 

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