Active Appliances Inc.-Los Angeles,California-Best Appliance Repair-2013

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Visit Call Toll-free (888) 882-2848. An Interview with , a Los Angeles based appliance repair servi…


Active Appliance Repair says:

Active Appliance Los Angeles 888-882-2848 – Best Appliance Repair and
Review in 2013.

Mohammad Mansoor says:

Give your Appliance Repair company a competitive edge while increasing
efficiency and customer satisfaction with Service Proz’s all in one service
management solution. Are you letting your business run you? If so you can
do better. Does your appliance repair company suffer from any of these time
consuming issues? Your technicians have to come to the office to pick up
their paper work orders for the day. You schedule using Outlook or a
whiteboard and still have to generate separate work orders.

EstiInLuneta says:

very funny

kopponna says:

This is a luxury watch for free, very cool!

Gene Elin says:

Great Company ! Active Appliance is very Honest company ,reliable ,

ApplianceRepairLocal says:

Nice commercial!

NickCageSWAG says:

best song ever?

Alexender Tay says:

(Awesome VID 😀 <

Clk Wreck says:

the music is amazing 🙂

Kempter11 says:

Thank you Active. You fixed my ice maker in time for a party.

skyblocks says:

This is probably my favorite video by you

Sharon Siddiqui says:

Active Appliance fixed my dryer.

leahickss says:


Hradyesh Kumar says:

Good music and good quality.

mrkisajze says:

Je viens dabonn

JarvThefif says:

hmmm… good one

Danno RS says:

Mortel! Des thats excellente, continuez votre bon travail!

Robert Hughes says:

I wish there were more honest companies like Active.

letomeok says:

You are a great person for posting this!

kaka9x123 says:

There needs to be more of this on youtube, really i want more.

Wallace Morales says:

Active Appliance repair guy was hot!

L33TiMacro says:

More like this and im sure your subs will skyrocket!

songmonify says:

quality video, i could watch this again and again:)

SqueeJo says:

Why dont you have MORE subscribers? You rule

אדי קובריק says:

i cant get enough of this

k4rtful says:

good sniper

charleeesd says:

Nice <3 I subbed!

shellcarbal says:

I need an editor!

Lana20123 says:

Love these guys. Active send a professional repair man. He was in uniform
and all.

Christine Hernandez says:

My tenant had a problem with their fridge. Active Appliance took care of it
next day.

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